Milan Day 1

I apologize for this being a little late but I haven’t been home all weekend! Though the Milan shows were downsized, I think a lot of great stuff was shown on the first day. Here are some of my favorite looks from day 1 of Milan fall 09.

Let’s start with Emporio Armani. Love the knee-high stockings, love the little hats and gloves, love the frill details. Enough said.


The Moschino Cheap and Chic show was on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Where Armani was wearable and practical, Moschino was fantasy-like and unexpected. From the shoes that looked like pumps from one side and sandals on the other to the model who was literally tied up like a birthday gift, the whole show was quite surreal. The belts looked like they were going to fall off and the garments all looked like they had been constructed from bits of other clothing. Not many looks were shown that could feasibly be worn in real life, but it was entertaining none the less.


Because his manufacturing company fell prey to the recession, the show for Roberto Cavalli’s younger line, Just Cavalli, was cancelled this year. That being said however, I was totally impressed with what did come together, which was a tough,dark ensemble of more moderately priced outfits.



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