Confessions of a Shopaholic

So for a variety of reasons I can’t really spend money on clothes at the moment. That doesn’t stop me from looking though! Here are a few things I would buy if I could (some realistic and some that I won’t be able to afford until I’m rich and famous).

I’ve been eying these Jessica Simpson structural pumps since I saw them on a blog months ago. They’re total show-stoppers.

This Chloe bag is absolutely gorgeous and absolutely unattainable. Unless of course you have $4000 lying around. It was the “It bag” of summer 08 but I think that it has staying power. Katie Holmes is a big fan and actually has it in several colours. No big deal.

This dress from Anthropologie is just so cute. Actually, every dress from Anthropologie is so cute. I especially like this one though because it looks like it can be dressed up or down. I also love the mix of colours.

Though I’m not big on flip flops or flat sandals, I need to get some for my upcoming vacation. I figure I may as well get some cute ones and I love the look of this pair buy Michael Kors. Unfortunately they’re a little bit out of my price range.

Another Anthropologie dress. Adorable Asian print. But in a slightly less obvious way.

So I’m looking forward to my trip but I’m also looking forward to being able to shop again!


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