In Love with Louis Vuitton

So I have to say, before today I had a bit of a prejudice against Louis Vuitton. Maybe it’s all the fakes, maybe it’s just a misconception I’ve had. But it my head Louis Vuitton was tacky and ostentatious. I have to say, I’m still not in love with the handbags (which are a bit gaudy in my opinion) but I think that creative director Marc Jacobs put on an amazing show for Fall 09. It was similar to Jacobs’ own show in the sense that the 80’s were a prevailing theme in the collection. It was however, completely different from the LV Spring show that had a tribal, global safari kind of vibe to it.

Anyway, I’m going to eat my words and admit that not only was this my favorite show of Paris fashion week, I think it was my favorite show of the entire season! It completely juxtaposed the entire mood on the runway which was a lot of “Recession, be practical” and threw caution to the wind. Firstly, I loved the heels with the bows at the ankles (though I could have done without the stripper style boots). The colour palette was lovely, there were pinks and nudes and turquoises and purples all mixed with black. The shapes had equal parts 80’s and modern in them and I especially loved the ripple details on the coral skirt and nude dress below. Anyway, I had an extremely difficult time choosing which looks to include in my blog today because all of them were gorgeous. Go check out the whole show on if you’re interested.



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