Best Beauty Buys

Today was a very exciting day. Not only did my InStyle come in the mail, but it was the most anticipated issue of the year… the Best Beauty Buys! This is possibly the magazine I look forward to more than any other all year long.


So if any of you don’t know about the Best Beauty Buys, it is basically a compilation of 6 months worth of research done by the editors of InStyle on all of the best make-up, skin, hair and general beauty products on the market that year. The best part is that they feature such a wide variety of brands, from the well known to the obscure and the unattainable to the affordable.

After devouring my issue and making a list of all the things I need to go out and buy, I was inspired to make a list of my own. Here are Savannah’s Best Beauty Buys!

So I always start my morning routine with a moisturizer. My mom has always told me that you should always have SPF on your face, even in the winter and I abide by that. The one that I’ve used for a while now is Dove Deep Moisture Day Cream. It’s a little heavy so I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with oily skin.


Next I apply foundation. I read once that foundation should go on first, even before concealer (which is why it’s called foundation). I’ve tried several different ones and have settled on MAC Studio Fix. Beware: it does provide a lot of coverage but it may be too much if you want a more natural look. I’m definitely going to be buying something a little more sheer for spring.


Next is the concealer. Up until recently I used one by NARS but found it to be a bit cakey. I am now a convert into the world of Touche Eclat. This Yves St Laurent product is consistently on InStyle’s list (and my mother’s) and I have to say that after trying it, I’m not sure I’ll be able to give it up. It works as both a concealer and a highlighter, depending on where you use it. Because of it’s slightly exorbitant price, I usually just dab a bit under my eyes to get rid of any dark circles.


Now for cheeks. I alternate between blushes depending on my mood and the occasion but I always stick with NARS. It is always on not only InStyle’s list but on pretty much every list in existence. The first colour I bought was the famed Orgasm. I have to agree with all the talk and say that it really does look natural on many different complexions. The peachy pink with gold undertones creates a very natural look. For days when I want to have a bit more fun, I lean towards Angelika, which is a girly, sparkly, pink.


To highlight my brows and cheekbones I always use Benefit’s High Beam. It’s a little expensive but I’ve had mine for over a year and it still isn’t finished. I love the dewey glow it creates.


On to eyes… I use two different types of black eyeliner, depending on the look I’m going for. For a normal day, I use liquid. Like many other people, I initially had a lot of difficulty mastering liquid eyeliner. Creating a perfect line is near impossible even with the steadiest of hands. With time, I improved a little but ultimately a friend gave me a gift that is indispensable for anyone who loves the look of liquid but isn’t a pro. It’s by MAC and is called the Penultimate Eyeliner (in Rapidblack). It essentially works like a thin Sharpie and makes it super easy to apply.


If I’m doing more of a smoky eye, I’ll use a pencil liner. I went through a variety of brands before landing on Sephora Brand’s waterproof liner in Flashy Black. Now this solved most of my eyeliner woes (namely fading, smudging and raccoon eyes) but has the inconvenience of being a little difficult to remove at the end of the night. It also doesn’t go on as dark as the MAC kohls, giving a less dramatic effect. I think my next purchase will be one of MAC’s waterproof liners, though I’ve never tried them before. Anyone have any tips?

One thing that I don’t bother going to expensive brands for is mascara. I’ve tried some in the over $20 category (Benefit Bad Gal Lash, Dior Diorshow) and I’ve never found much of a difference. Yes, the pricey ones are good but you can find ones that work just as well at the pharmacy. My favorite of the moment is LashBlast by Cover Girl. It creates a lot of volume without clumping. Don’t be tricked by the advertising campaigns though, LashBlast Luxe is pretty much exactly the same thing. I didn’t notice my eyes shining brighter or any scintillating reflectors in my lashes.


On a regular day I often wear my lips bare (except for Burt’s Bees of course). But every once in a while I like to mix it up a bit. One of my favorite lip products is Benefit Benetint Balm. It’s a lip and cheek stain (though I’ve never used it on my cheeks, I’m a little scared) and provides extremely long lasting colour. It comes in a straight up stain and in a balm, both of which I’ve tried, and I think I prefer the balm. It gives a little bit of sheen, while still being sheer and comfortable on your lips.


So that’s it for my everyday make-up routine, does anyone else know any great products that would be on their Best Beauty Buy list?


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