Channeling Carrie Bradshaw

So I’ve been watching a lot of Sex and the City reruns lately and realized that Carrie Bradshaw really deserves an honorary post on my blog. Throughout the six seasons, we get to see her in hundreds of different outfits. Some are beautiful and innovative while some veer towards the odd and bizarre. The fact of the matter is though that her clothes were always conversation starters and sparked many debates among viewers. I can personally remember countless times that I thought “WHAT is she wearing?” I believe that to be a real fashionista you have to take risks and make mistakes along the way. Carrie (helped by costume designer Patricia Field) really proves that in both the show and the movie. Not all fans love Carrie’s fashion sense but I really admire her risk taking.

Here are some of my all time favorite Carrie looks:

Remember this scene when she’s in Paris and falls in Dior? I cringe every time I see it. I love how she pulls off wearing high knee length boots without looking too tarty. The Betsey Johnson bustier paired with a Balenciaga skirt are just perfect. I also think her hair looks best when it’s long and straight like this.
This look is from one of the early seasons of the show and still manages to look totally current (even though it was worn about 10 years ago). She really nails the casual summer look.

I got goosebumps when I saw this first scene in the movie. The dress is so uniquely Carrie with the huge flower on it. But it was also a great transition outfit from the Carrie from the show to the new Carrie four years later. The dark gladiator style platforms make it totally modern looking.

Carrie channels Jackie O when she’s dating the politician in season 3. This vintage Halston shirt-dress and oversized dark sunglasses make for a very classic look.

Another outfit from when Carrie is an American girl in Paris. I actually love pretty much everything she wears while she’s there because she gives her look a little more of a romantic edge whereas she has a much more urban style when she’s in New York. Love the watermelon inspired Balenciaga dress and Christian Lacroix coat.

Mixing patterns is something that Carrie does a lot (sometimes more successfully than others) but I think this outfit is really perfect. She manages to look classy and sophisticated while apartment shopping with Big yet makes the outfit fun with the thick studded belt chunky heels.

Any great looks I’m forgetting?


One comment

  1. that first picture of her is amazing! I am soooooo beyond addicted to this series- not a word of a lie I watch at least an episode a day. It’s like soothing to get away into Carries world for a bit every day.

    And those Miu Miu’s above are to die for. honest to god. I love them!!!!


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