Winners Wonders

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned here what a Winners addict I am. If so, I will reiterate: I am totally obsessed. The more I shop there the more I realize how great it is. I started off just glancing at the clothes and have slowly but surely started shopping for everything there. Bags, shoes, bathing suits, underwear, home decor items…the possibilities are endless. Some of my best buys so far this spring have been a Calvin Klein bra and underwear set ($30 down from $85), and American Eagle sundress ($24.99 down from $45) and my newest purchase, made today.

I’ve become increasingly infatuated with the shoe selection this season and recently came across the perfect pair. They look shockingly similar to these ones by Miu Miu (which I’ve been eying for a while) but with a price tag of $985 are just a touch expensive.


Luckily, mine were priced at under $40. Imagine! This is just further proof that Winners is the perfect place to shop.


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