Pretty in Hot Pink

I will admit, I’m hopelessly addicted to Gossip Girl. I love the cattiness, the plot twists, the ever changing relationships and especially the fashion. Tonight’s episode was especially enticing, but I won’t give away any plot details in case you havn’t seen it yet. What I do want to talk about though is Little J’s party outfit. First of all, I was totally jealous when Serena brought her to Missoni and the dress they picked for her was super cute. What really stood out though were the hot pink shoes that she paired with it. I’m already fantasizing about getting some for myself. Here are some designer options that I came across online.


The first are Christian Louboutin and are totally on trend with their gladiator straps. The second are Alexander McQueen and I think the heart shaped peep-toe is just adorable.



  1. That Vogue Alice in Wonderland photoshoot is my favourite of all time! It was actually the inspiration behind the one that I did.
    I totally love those hot pink shoes! I think I prefer the Loubs but it is so hard to choose.

  2. I love the first pair of pink shoes! I finally read your blogs! Going back a few entries, there are certain “Carrie” looks that I adore, but I need time to research them. I also love her hair when it is straightand you can really see her highlights. I want touche eclat!!!!!

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