The New ‘New Look’

Marc Jacobs says it felt like ‘a time to just do something really beautiful’ this season and I don’t think anyone can argue that he succeeded with his Fall/Winter ready to wear collection for Louis Vuitton. The show was all about traditional femininity, taking us back to the New Look of the 1950’s. The wasp waits, full tea length skirts and corsets created a new curvy silhouette that hasn’t been seen for decades in the fashion world. There was a definite emphasis on the bosom, and Jacobs cast models with more ample assets to make his point.
The collection maintained a modern feel with unexpected details like the leather circle skirts in shades of cream and blush and the strong shouldered coats. The relatively simple clothes provided the perfect backdrop for some to die for accessories like the revamped Speedy bag in a variety of sizes and colours and the pointy toed pumps adorned with flat bows and chunky square heels.
The show has created a lot of buzz because it took a step away from the typically emaciated frame of modern fashion and designers, editors and bloggers alike are gearing up for a movement towards a style that is more inclusive of realistic body types.


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  1. I’m so glad this look is ‘back’, I love long feminine dresses! Love your blog Savannah, keep up the awesome work 🙂

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