Crazy for Kors

Micheal Kors is one of the most influential American designers and is always a staple at New York fashion week. He’s become a household name because of his appearances as a judge on Project Runway but he won a spot in my heart because of the gorgeous shoes and handbags he produces every season which also happen to be quite affordable (compared to other design houses). The Micheal Kors wedges I have, which I posted on here last year, are one of my favorite pieces in my closet and are shockingly comfortable.

For fall 2010, Kors created a collection that conveyed a whole fantasy lifestyle yet managed to be full of practical, wearable pieces. The cozy looking knits, furs and gorgeous camel coats made me want to grab a hot chocolate and curl up by a ski lodge fireplace (I’m not much of a skier). Trend forecast for this fall: dove gray, lots of beige and surprisingly, fur bags. I’m not ready to commit to that last one yet but who knows!


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